Essence of tech and media…

Tech is for tech’s sake and creating media is for media’s sake. The beautiful thing is when your tech epiphany gives creative side a injection of something new.

Here’s an example:

I’m a budding professional photographer with a lot of know how trying to push my art. I know my subject (light) and my tools (camera). I know them very well. I’ve studied them. I’ve also studied and honed every camera feature and time of day to maximize my tech and maximize my creation. This puts me in the mindset to paint first in my mind, then with my tools.

Typically I would find something beautiful and think, “What is the light doing and how can I capture it with video or still.” If still, then I would make decisions in my mind about all my camera options and how they affect my vision. This includes what I can do with Aperture 3.3 and Photoshop CS6. (Post processing software is just an extension of my camera. It is another tool, just another brush to choose from. I know what they can and can’t do. I know what I have to capture on scene. )

As I approached the foot ferry at downtown Port Orchard a couple of months ago, something new happened. I had loaded Magic Lantern on my Canon 60D and had studied it enough and played with it enough to have added a couple of brushes. As I stood on the walkway now my mind was thinking for the first time some specific thoughts.

I was taking an HDR, a time-lapse and a video with my mind. This is not an article about Magic Lantern(ML) so I won’t get too nitty-gritty into it, but simply to say what it allowed me to do that I couldn’t before.

  • ML gives the Canon 60D the ability to take shots at 5 different exposures. This was important because of the dramatic amount of beautiful light my eyes and brain could see that my camera could not with its normal 3 shot limit. +3, 0, -3 would just come short in many way. Your eye is already trained to see 15 stops. You can train your brain understand it here (Basic)and to see it here(Advanced).
  • ML lets you take time-lapse with almost as much control as you would with a intervalometer.
  • ML lets you take custom control of video; fps, shutter speed, ISO 200, and aperture.

So now I’m a creative with more brushes. Depending on what I want to say with the light and movement I might choose a still, a video or a time-lapse.

This is the essence of this blog.

  1. Tech is for tech’s sake. Tech is cool. I’m still amazed every time I pick up my 3-year-old Mac Book Pro by its corner with one hand to narrowly avoid a collision with my 3-year-old son. The laptop does not creak or groan. Yeah I’m an Apple fan boy the mechanical and electrical engineering alone are a marvel.
  2. Creating media is its own end. When I find something beautiful happening with light my wife knows all to well I’m bitten. I have to capture it. I admire and study, I conceive, then I capture, and admire some more. I don’t care if I have my iPhone 4 or my Canon 60D with the exact perfect lens, forgot my tripod or whatever. I capture it because light doing something wonderful calls to be captured.
  3. Tweak tech to allow new vision. Use beautiful (or ugly) tech to further your creative vision into new expression.

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