Monthly Archives: July 2012

Go to MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro with Retina Display is my go to computer We have eight ways to access internet to performa variety of day to day functions in our home. Three of which can do it completely independent from our home’s ISP. This sounds like a lot because it is. It’s actually shocking to think about it. […]

Legal Stuff for Wedding and Video

Here is a great intro to some of the legalities in shooting video for a wedding. Some would apply for photography at a wedding, some would apply for video outside of a wedding. Here is the link.

IPad Tethering Answered

To answer this question you have to know whats the most important thing for you… Absolute control Absolute Freedom iPhone / iPad Control Typical Tethering Tethering typically means connecting computer to your camera (using the camera’s provided software, Lightroom or Aperture) in order to see images large for proofing during the shot and immediate download the pictures […]

5 Steps to Start a Media Business

Googling this topic will get a whole lot of bad advice mixed in with a few gems. What I’ve tried to put together is the nuts and bolts bottom line. No fluff… 1.    Build your skill. Cost & Time (a month): Free- $25  ,  4-20 hours It doesn’t matter if you are learning the skill or […]

The CD-ROM is Obsolete

Why are you returning it sir? I paused and only got out, “well…” With a helpful facial expression she says “Was it broken or did the wrong item ship?” I consider this nice smiling Best Buy product return rep and looked at my unopened Photoshop box. “Well actually it’s become obsolete.” Obsolete on Arrival As […]