The CD-ROM is Obsolete

Why are you returning it sir?

I paused and only got out, “well…” With a helpful facial expression she says “Was it broken or did the wrong item ship?” I consider this nice smiling Best Buy product return rep and looked at my unopened Photoshop box. “Well actually it’s become obsolete.”

Obsolete on Arrival

As Best Buy was shipping me boxed software Apple had their most recent WWDC releasing the new retina Mac book pro that doesn’t have a CD-ROM. I’ve heard it’s just Apple being ahead of the time, like with thunderbolt. I think a better example is when they release a laptop without a CD-ROM to make it weigh a fraction of the previous. That was he first Mac book air. It was way ahead of its time and it had problems. Apple since has solved the software purchasing infrastructure by borrowing from their iTunes app store model. I thought if all this while she stood and smiled at me. “I’m sorry I ordered the wrong one, it won’t work on my computer.” Great job Best Buy, I got a full refund.

Now I just need to go on and buy it for download. Funny no shipping to worry about. No damage or loss of anything except my identity with Adobe, which is on 1Password backed up on Dropbox. Software distribution has seen huge developments with Blizzard, selling their own product with no middle man. Steam has able to sell more title and better prices than any brick and mortar could afford. Both host their own communities allowing players to communicate and play together.


That’s all people want, cheaper, faster and better. I’m amazed to still see Game Stops open. Storage and transfer has seem huge developments. One big reason the 3.5″ lasted so long was that CDs with their involved burning process aren’t that good at transferring data from user to user. USB has been a huge boon in this field but things like Stuxnet has rightfully so caused apprehension in some of us when someone hands us an USB. Fortunately the internet makes sharing data fast, easy and relatively safe.



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