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Free Aperture 3 Presets

Free Aperture 3 Presets

A good blog post listing lots of useful links for Aperture 3 presets.

Teaching Chuck- 3 Apps for Computer Performance while Editing

This video shows 3 useful Mac apps to keep your computer running as efficiently as possible while editing pictures or video.


I just made my first tutorial

I made it for a friend Chuck so I called it Teaching Chuck. Let me know if you liked to know how to do something on the computer and I’d love to make you one. I specialize in anything photography, videography or Apple.

3 Reasons to Leave White Balance out of Auto for Photography

Set White Balance out of auto and leave it there, here’s why… You’ll get more color accuracy, better consistency and it saves you time. There is only one reasons I can imagine to ever have White Balance in Auto. You are only taking one exposure in certain light source and don’t have a white balance card. My […]

10 things to know when buying a MacBook Pro with Retina Display

So you’re considering hitting that purchase button or you are waiting the 3-4 weeks for it to arrive. Instead of counting the dimples ina golf ball there is some things you can do to get ready and make room for this addition to you family. A recent blog post I did explains; It’s pretty but at a […]

10 Photoshop resources

There’s a great list of 10 Photoshop resources available here. I don’t want to steal all his thunder so I’ll just include 5 and then add my own. 1. The Photoshop CS6 Launch Center from Scott Kelby/NAPP 2. Understanding Photoshop from Richard Harrington 3. The Adobe Creative Suite Podcast from Terry White 4. Photoshop Killer Tips with Mat Kloskowski 5. Photoshop for Digital Photographers Make sure you read the […]