Premiere Pro Retina Support!?!?

Adobe has just released a CS6 Premiere Pro update. Here is the news release.

It has 2 changes that are good for us who went out ona  limb and bought Premiere Pro even though FCP came out right away with full Retina support.

  • updates for HiDPI display, which improves appearance on computers that use Retina Display, such as MacBook Pro computers
  • added GPUs to the list of those that Premiere Pro CS6 will use for GPU processing: GT 650M (which is in the newer MacBook Pro computers) and GTX 680

I took this screen shot as a before I upgraded. If you look at this pic on a Retina display or zoom in on a  Imagestandard display you’ll see the video in the top left is not displaying at 1080. The hair in the picture is pixelated. You can’t read the text.

Next is the shot after the update that finished about 1 min ago. I was holding my breath…

Was I going to be able to pick media by just looking at the thumbnail and knowing which shot was going to be in focus? Was I going to be able to edit and actually see my product in the top right while making changes? Take a look for yourself. Image

See any pixels on the hair in the video? The words are even legible. Mind you I had to hold the screen very close to my eye to be able to read it.

This is wonderful!!! Actual Retina support while editing video on this powerful program. Let me know if someone posts some before and after performance metrics for it recognizing the GPU.

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