Monthly Archives: April 2013

Need a workflow for writing? (blogs, notes, etc…)

Workflow for RTF or HTML This video walks you through a workflow from brainstorming with a Mind Map, exporting it to plain text, then to RTF or HTML. It hinges on a language called markdown. Markdown is text-based language that creates HTML centric code with just one key stroke. It takes 5 min to learn, honestly. […]

3 Ways that Separate Good Photographers from Great

How can you recognize your talents and your weaknesses and take the next step? 3 types of good photographers. Some good photographers are strong technical camera operators, some are good at recognizing great art, and some are good at creating any look in post. The distinction between paid or hobbyist isn’t too important here. When […]

Learning Photography

Learning is what it’s about It’s always a challenge and joy to really learn something you’re passionate about. You think you won’t ever be able to live up to the heroes you have but you just want to get better. Can I suggest you check out the resources I have on this site dedicated to that? […]

Using luminance in a scene and controlling tone in post for creativity

This is one concept, once learned, will affect every step of your photography. It’ll change the way you plan, take, and edit you picture.There are different ways to think about and measure how bright something is. It’s part of the Zone System but it works to just think of this in terms of tones. Luminance and […]

How to set up your Canon 6D

If you want complete control of your Canon 6D you should read the entire manual and test those settings with thousands of pictures. Or use this as a start and tweak from there. This is part of a shooting technique that uses Manual Mode, and metering mode Spot, back button focus, and selective creative zone […]