Learning Photography

Learning is what it’s about

It’s always a challenge and joy to really learn something you’re passionate about. You think you won’t ever be able to live up to the heroes you have but you just want to get better. Can I suggest you check out the resources I have on this site dedicated to that?

Learning Pages

Most photography information available is too basic or advanced. Walk through these; learning all the way from what aperture is, how it affects the shot, and how it can be creatively used to get a stunning picture. More pages are being added every week.


Learning photography never was a book driven. It gradual and you need positive and honest feedback. That’s hard to get though. Getting positive feedback from family and friends is easy. They will always tell you your pictures are beautiful. You can find places online to post images but sometimes get some knuckle heads responding.

Post your images your questions to one of these and I promise positive and honest feedback. (knucklehead free zone);

Here’s an example of what a community can do. This is an extremely talented photographer. He worked hard during capture and in post to get this wonderful image, but he was new to editing monochrome images.

Progression with community help

Original post to community.

Original post to community.

Edited with some community input

Edited with some community input

Final edit after community help

Final edit after community help, Jason Zufelt copyrighted

You can see the whole conversation here.

Challenge and joy

The first photography book my mom bought me almost ten years ago was called, “The Joy of Photography”. That’s exactly what you are getting yourself into. Learning the craft more just makes you ability to tell a story though this unique medium even more powerful and rewarding.

So hit the books and find a good community.



  1. […] with one goal in mind, to put the buttons and dials in the easiest way for you to make great art. My pages have these basics explained. Here’s a couple of the best free tools to learn camera basics, this […]


  2. Oh WOW! That picture is gorgeous. I actually love it in color more than the sepia tone, but that being said- to hang in a home, the sepia tone is much easier to work in. That is so beautiful. I am still new to photography. I’m learning a little every time. I love sitting behind a camera. Personally, I have pretty bad visiion, and I always think it’s almost an act of pure magic, that I can see with my camera that I can’t with my eyes. I love the idea of community feedback on wordpress. That’s why I started my blog. I share some of my pictures on facebook- but like you said, friends and family love you. They’ll tell you everything is beautiful, the same way a mom hangs a 5 year old’s picture up like it’s a timeless artifact. If you need a new person to invest your energy in, please feel free to check out my blog. Thank you for being who you are, the world is so much better for people like you!


    1. Emily
      I checked out your blog and I’m completely stoked. You are exactly the kind of person I started this blog for. Someone new to photography but wanting to learn. Some of your pictures are coming out really neat. I can see how you are experimenting with your camera and learning what works and what doesn’t work. Thats so much fun to do. I think there are some basics to help you get a head start. The content on the learning pages here has the basics of aperture, shutter speed and ISO, but not really about how to use them and why. I’d love for you to reply to this comment here:


      I’d like to help you get ready for that newborn shoot. How much time do I have to help you get ready?


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