Monthly Archives: October 2013

Big Chance for Photographers from Apple’s change

Pixels for the People For the last year now Apple’s had pixels. Apple’s had more pixels for the price than anyone else by a long shot. The change now is they are getting pixels into more hands. They’re pushing pixels. pixels mean editing pixels means culling pixels mean showing I’ve written extensively about how useful a Retina […]

Art exists where you see Story

Becoming an artist is not something you are born with. It’s a way you see the world. It’s how you define art. How? As I was discussing videography with my pastor he mentioned, “Yeah, a good sermon tells a story too”. Days later I saw a haircut on a high schooler that I knew since she was eleven years […]

How to crop with ACR or PS

Wanting to know how to use the power of Photoshop for a simple task like cropping? It’s as simple as opening it up in ACR first. See the Basics of cropping in Adobe Camera RAW for Photoshop