Round-trip Image Editing on your mobile Device with Lightroom for mobile and Photoshop Mix

Here’s how to use technology to it’s fullest. Use nearly the full power and the most popular tools from Photoshop all on your mobile device and sync it with you master LR catalog.

Holy Crop!

It started with a simple tweet

Then people wanted the details.


Unobtrusively, Adobe’s Lightroom for mobile and Photoshop Mix have integrated behind the scenes and given us a robust image solution that enables our Lightroom for mobile to Photoshop Mix and back to Lightroom for mobile workflow. This has long been the missing component. Sure, we could have an image in Lightroom for mobile and we could edit it quite nicely on our mobile device. We’ve been able to send that image to Photoshop Mix for a while now and tweak it a little further. Now, that tweaked result comes back to our Lightroom for mobile synced collections and, here’s the good part, ends up in our Lightroom Desktop catalog!

Let’s start at the beginning…


It starts with the raw capture. Here is a jellyfish from the Minnesota Zoo. It is a fairly unremarkable image of typical aquarium…

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