Adobe Releases Lightroom CC2015.6/6.6

These are some fairly big changes to Lightroom cropping for all owners of the current version with a neat new tool for CC subscribers.

Holy Crop!

Featuring a new Crop-related tool for the Creative Cloud subscribers: Guided Upright!

Along with the normal updates for new camera support, new lens support, bug fixes and the like, there are a couple of important changes to Lightroom with his update.

New Panel:

Both the Perpetual License holders and the Creative Cloud subscribers will notice there is a new panel in the Develop module.


Transform now appears, tucked neatly between Lens Corrections and Effects. The Upright functions have been migrated from the Lens Corrections to the Transform panel. The Manual tab adjustments from the Lens Corrections panel have been moved to the new Transform panel as well. The Lens Correction panel is now simplified from four tabs to two leaving Profile and Manual as the only tabs left.  Lens correction adjustments and chromatic aberration reduction are the primary functions of the Lens Correction Panel now.

New Tool:

For those of…

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