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How to set up Nikon D750

If you want complete control of your Nikon D750 you should really skim the whole manual and figure out for yourself what all the choices are. As a career engineer doing this is fun for me. If you take some time to do it I think you’ll have more creative choice when taking pictures and you’ll […]

Learning Photography

Learning is what it’s about It’s always a challenge and joy to really learn something you’re passionate about. You think you won’t ever be able to live up to the heroes you have but you just want to get better. Can I suggest you check out the resources I have on this site dedicated to that? […]

Getting Messy with Photography – 5 Reasons Manual Mode is Cheating

Welcome to my series on getting down and dirty with photography. This series is meant to be digestible for the amateur but a challenge the seasoned. Manual Mode is cheating You can shoot while you’re running      You can shoot while they’re running             You can shoot a subject […]

Tips for Colorspace in Aperture 3 Workflow

Colorspace Colorspace Colorspace where fore art though Colorspace? Bottom Line Up Front If you are using Aperture 3 and shooting RAW then you are already covered, don’t do a thing. Sort and edit and process your little heart out without worrying about color space during these processes.  Your export choice will be where the decision is made. Set your […]

Teaching Chuck- 3 Apps for Computer Performance while Editing

This video shows 3 useful Mac apps to keep your computer running as efficiently as possible while editing pictures or video.


I just made my first tutorial

I made it for a friend Chuck so I called it Teaching Chuck. Let me know if you liked to know how to do something on the computer and I’d love to make you one. I specialize in anything photography, videography or Apple.

10 Photoshop resources

There’s a great list of 10 Photoshop resources available here. I don’t want to steal all his thunder so I’ll just include 5 and then add my own. 1. The Photoshop CS6 Launch Center from Scott Kelby/NAPP 2. Understanding Photoshop from Richard Harrington 3. The Adobe Creative Suite Podcast from Terry White 4. Photoshop Killer Tips with Mat Kloskowski 5. Photoshop for Digital Photographers Make sure you read the […]

5 Steps to Start a Media Business

Googling this topic will get a whole lot of bad advice mixed in with a few gems. What I’ve tried to put together is the nuts and bolts bottom line. No fluff… 1.    Build your skill. Cost & Time (a month): Free- $25  ,  4-20 hours It doesn’t matter if you are learning the skill or […]