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Cloud Storage for digital media handling

Over the course of the past several years, the link between technology and photography has expanded enormously. What began with the wide-spread of digital photography to amateur enthusiasts everywhere has become an endless virtual network or photo uploads, digital editing techniques, and massive online photo albums and collections. But this, of course, isn’t news to […]

Big Chance for Photographers from Apple’s change

Pixels for the People For the last year now Apple’s had pixels. Apple’s had more pixels for the price than anyone else by a long shot. The change now is they are getting pixels into more hands. They’re pushing pixels. pixels mean editing pixels means culling pixels mean showing I’ve written extensively about how useful a Retina […]

How to crop with ACR or PS

Wanting to know how to use the power of Photoshop for a simple task like cropping? It’s as simple as opening it up in ACR first. See the Basics of cropping in Adobe Camera RAW for Photoshop

Setting up Lightroom for Import

So you shoot in jpeg or RAW and want to bring those pictures into Lightroom? First Time steps Connect Camera Put SD card into computer or use a card reader. Set up Lightroom as Default program (Optional) Open Image Capture app In the bottom left for “Import to” select Other Choose Adobe Photoshop Lightroom in the […]

Moving from Lightroom 4 to Lightroom 5?

Transferring your catalog over This video will walk you through the steps needed if you’ve just upgraded to Lightroom 5 but have images in your Lightroom 4 catalog. Lightroom made it simple. This will explain the very few options that pop up. Watch the Video: Make sure to ask if I didn’t cover anything, and […]

Adobe Creative Cloud or Bust

What is Creative Cloud? The update to Adobe Creative Suite software (AKA CS 7) will be  as Creative Cloud. It is a subscription only pricing model. The title, for now, has more to do with marketing then how the product functions. Common Questions How much? Is it more? After the first year if you want the suite […]

Need a workflow for writing? (blogs, notes, etc…)

Workflow for RTF or HTML This video walks you through a workflow from brainstorming with a Mind Map, exporting it to plain text, then to RTF or HTML. It hinges on a language called markdown. Markdown is text-based language that creates HTML centric code with just one key stroke. It takes 5 min to learn, honestly. […]