desire + knowledge = impact

Is your photography stuck in a place without a lot of impact?

Before photo

This family snapshot has simple things that could have helped it capture more of the story of the moment.

Every common technique here will be taught from their foundation.

This image has more impact. No fancy jargon needed to explain why or how.

Get exposures right every time. Know how to make decisions about placing the camera.

Mark will cover the beginning-to-end on how to get the exposure correct in camera. He’ll explain how to use the gear you already own to get more impacting images of your family or clients.

If you own a camera that has a Manual dial and think photography is extremely enjoyable then this class is for you.

Session One: Serious Foundation of Photography ($50)

Lesson One: Manual Mode
  • A process that makes shooting in Manual easier than any other mode.
  • This process ensures accurately captured skin tones in camera.
Lesson Two: Story: the Foundation of Photography
  • The Source of story
  • The Role of Story
  • The Impact of Story
Practice Shoot One: Manual Mode
  • Have your camera’s C1 menu set up.
  • Practice ambient lighting capture in Manual
  • Download and get feedback from images

Session Two: Beauty in Light ($50)

Lesson Three: Lighting
  • How to use natural (ambient) light
  • How to shape ambient light without gear
  • Intro to studio lighting
  • Intro to hot-shoe lighting
Practice Shoot Two: Lighting Practice
  • Practice both light sources
  • Review images and get feedback
Lesson Four: Post Processing
  • How to continue the role of story when you edit the image in post
  • An example of Lightroom and/or Aperture workflow (depending on attendees)
  • Photoshop round trip and why

I’ll be standing right there helping the whole time. Overcome these obstacles and take your photography to an unbelievable, mind-blowing level to meet your financial goals. Price includes being able to attend future offerings of that same session for free, pdf of the material, recording of the lectures.


Kingsland, GA

at The Thirsty Monkey coffee shop

1951 Commerce Dr

Kingsland, GA, 31548

June 29th- Session One

August 25th Both Sessions

Session 1: 1-4 Session 2: 5-8

September 28th Both Sessions

Session 1: 10-1 Session 2: 2-5

October 26th Both Sessions

Session 1: 10-1 Session 2: 2-5 (times tentative)

November 16th Both Sessions

Use the contact form if you’re interested. I’ll be in touch about how to prepare.


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