Lightroom Presets


Make picture wide changes in seconds.


  • Learn Lightroom for real from
  • How to import? Watch this or read this.
  • Watch Matt Kloskowski’s video explaining how to build in desired brush change into a Preset.


  • You don’t want to actually learn how LR works.
  • You know how Lr works and just want to save time.
  • You want to get different ideas of how to edit your photos.

The Best

  • Jaredplatt                 Cost: $35,  Ease of use: A+,Quality: A+ ,Quantity: A (>200) Video start at minute 47
  • Lightroomkiller     Cost: Free, Ease of use: A,  Quality: A+, Quantity: C (23)  Matt Kloskowski!

The Rest

  • Kubotaimagetools  Cost: $50,Ease of use: A, Quality: A , Quantity: A (>200)
  • freelightroompresets  Cost: free,  Requires login to try
  • Lightroom-preset  Cost: $35, Ease of use: A, Quality: A , Quantity: A (108)
  • Toycamerapresets Cost: $9,   Ease of use: B, Quality: B, Quantity: C (24) Film like
  • presetsheaven          Cost: Free,Ease of use: C, Quality: B , Quantity: B (35 with 365 project)
  • adobelightroompr Cost: $19,  Ease of use: B, Quality: B , Quantity: A (>100)
  • premiumpresets    Cost: $45,  Ease of use: C ,Quality: B , Quantity: A (>100)
  •   Cost: Free,Ease of use: A, Quality: B , Quantity: A (~70)
  • alternativepresets Cost: $10,  Ease of use: B, Quality: B , Quantity: A (~70)
  • reallyniceimages    Cost: $10,  Ease of use: B, Quality: A , Quantity: C (37) Instagram look
  •*   Cost: Both,Ease of use: F , Quality: B , Quantity: D (Free-12, Paid~100) Official LR Community
  • yellowskyaction      Cost: $50,  Ease of use: A, Quality: B , Quantity: A (>130)
  •     Cost: $179,Ease of use: A, Quality: B ,Quantity: A (>200)
  • stuckincustoms      Cost: $10,  Ease of use: B, Quality: A+,Quantity: C (68) HDR only
  • xequals                        Cost: $30,  Ease of use: A, Quality: C, Quantity: C (200) Film Effects

* Adobe’s community forum links to third party sites that often require many clicks with occasional dead ends. Doesn’t seem worth it. To use the site anyway type “preset” into search window. Then click the “Search Options” drop down.

Use the Poll to see which are best and to add your opinion.



  1. WOW awesome chart, thanks for sharing, I actually love the new sets from

    and as well

    also I really appreciate the variety of



  2. Very useful information, thanks! Quick question, of the Jaredplatt present collections, which one are you referring to?


    1. This one:
      The video I have linked shows this powerful set in action. Start it at minute 27.


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  4. Hello, thanks for sharing, I would love to add to the list a new comprehensive suite of Free Lightroom Presets.

    You can have a look at them here:

    Your feedback is highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance & Have a Great Day.



    1. I added your stuff to the page. Looks like a nice site!


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