You’ve been bitten by the photography bug and now making something beautiful drives you. Know-how will only get you so far. Know-how with gear will get you there.

  Enthusiast $1100 Semi-Pro $3500 Professional $10,200
Lenses Kit and 50mm 50mm and 100mm 24-70 L and 70-200 L
Camera Rebel / D5100 60D / D7100 5DMk3 / 6D / D600 / D800
Flash 430 with Cord Sync (1) 430 and (1) Yong  (1) 430 and (3) Yong Sync
Modifier  Diffuser  (2) Stands , Umbrellas, and Small Scrim  (4) Stands (2) Modifier , Scrim
Computer  MBP  MAC Mini  MBP 15″ Retina
Software  Aperture,  LR, or Elements and GIMP  Aperture or LR  Aperture or LR and PS
 Backup  Ext HDD  RAID and Smugmug  Drobo and Smugmug
 Tax and Plan  N/A  Spreadsheet  QB and Successware
 Learning  You Tube and Kelby Kelby and Lynda  Kelby, Lynda, workshops

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  1. Well done – I like this – very helpful


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