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Boy Scout Merit Badge photoThe Boy Scouts have requirements for the Photography Merit Badge.

Below are notes for the lesson to satisfy the requirements and a document to send home to help communicate to the parents what the scouts have to do.

Basic Intro to Photography Lesson

Art’s place

A living A hobby I’ve studied physic, engineering and scientist. When solving those big problems you have to think outside the box. You have to use the things you know about the field and be creative, sometimes inventing new things. That’s what I love about photography. I get to fulfill that desire to make art, I get to be one part engineer, one part physicist and one part mathematician. I get to get right at the heart of art.

Art is impact

Knowing what we are drawn by

  • Shark are drawn by…, bees…, kittens…
  • People are drawn by…
  • They are called the Rules of Composition
  • They cause impact.
  • Impact is half of great art.

Understand that all Art is story

  • This is the other thing in common with all art is story.
  • Hairdressers, architects, sculptures, authors, and photographers tell stories.
  • To tell a story you have to have something to say and you have to know how to tell it.
  • I have something to say.
  • Story is half of great art.

Great art is…

An impactful story.

Knowing the camera (is being able to tell the story)


hand +1

For the light you want to use, hold your hand up in it so that the palm has the same light. Put you camera to M and point the camera at your hand. Fill the viewfinder with you hand. Turn the two dials until you get +1. The dials are shutter speed and Aperture.

ISO- sensitivity to light

Leave it at 800.

Shutter speed- how long the shutter stays open

Leave 200 or larger. Change to a lower number to show movement of the camera or subject. A longer shutter shows more movement.

Aperture-how wide open the lens is

Leave it around 8. Choose a small number if you want less in focus.

Changing something

If you change one of these after you do “hand +1” you have to do it again.

Rules of human composition help tell story and give impact

  • Put subject on Thirds
  • Foreground Props of story
  • Background setting of story
  • Show Movement of story
  • Diagonal lines point to story

Photography Merit Badge Home Sheet

Photography is telling a story


Decide a story you are interests you that you can tell with pictures. Sketch it out with stick figures and show it to an adult. Take the pictures. Arrange them. Present them.

Taking the pictures

  1. Put the subject in place.
  2. Position the subject or light.
  3. Get the camera set for your hand.
  4. Decide where to put the camera that tells the story the best.
  5. Take the picture.


80 points to pass

  • 20 points for choosing the amount of light on the subject that best tells the story (hint assume hand rule is best unless dark or bright subject tells story better)
  • 30 points for positioning the light or the subject so that the light on the subject best tells the story. (hint, make the subject have shape)
  • 20 points for subject placement that best tells your story (hint assume “Rule of thirds” unless something else is better)
  • 10 points for use of leading lines (or other tricks) to tell the story
  • 10 points for stopping action to tell the story (choose high shutter speed)
  • 0 points for pictures printed (home printer on office paper is fine)
  • 0 points for pictures mounted (cut up card board box is fine)
  • 10 points for pictures arranged in a way that tells the story

What these words mean to you:

Story: This is the only thing that matters when taking pictures. You are the author, so have something to say.

Subject: Like the main character of a book. Who or what is it?

Shutter Speed: Keep the number above the length of the lens.

Aperture: Choose a low number if you only want the subject in focus. Choose a big number for background in focus.

ISO: Keep it below 800

If you need help ask an adult to email Mr. Mark.

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