The Histogram

Just as the Histogram can be key during capture to ensure the proper exposure it’s just as vital in post processing.

Knowing how to read the Histogram is like Neo being able to see the Matrix. Once it clicks a whole new world open up for you. Just don’t think it’s only for the chosen one. It’s not that hard and it’s the key to a lot of things in camera and in post production.

 Image a white table with three white bowls.

 One with Apples, one with Oranges, and one with Lemons.


Now represent those fruit on a bar graph.

histogram made simple

The height of each bar is the number of a certain fruit. The placement on the bar graph is by brightness of the fruit from dark to brightest. 5 apples means a bar at a height of 5, 4 oranges means 4, 4 lemons means 4. That’s a histogram. Why should you care? It’s actually very useful.

Lets bring it one step closer.

Imagine now the orange has some parts a little bit brighter and some parts a little bit darker.


This should start to be looking familiar.

While taking pictures it shows how you might be making a mistake. While editing it tells you how to contrast.

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