What is light?

It’s the photographer’s paint. It’s emitted, it’s bounced, it’s caught.



Light itself has infinity colors and tones.

  • It’s a wave. It’s a wave of the disturbance in the electric field and magnetic field. It has a wavelength.
  • Any wavelength in between Infra Red and Ultra Violet is visible.
  • There are infinite choice between these two therefore there are finite colors.

The Eye

The human eye can perceive nearly infinite colors.

  • In the back of the eye the Retina has three kinds of cones that are each sensitive to a different color of light, cones.
  • Red, Green and Blue cones stimulated proportionally by incoming light.
  • The proportion of Red, Green and Blue correlates to a color.
  • We can perceive most of the infinite number of colors.
  • Can perceive around 300 photons per square inch at an arm’s length away. Apple cleverly calls this retina.

To remember: Light has infinite colors which almost all are perceived by the eye.

This leads to the concept of Color Space or back to Concepts.

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