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Tips for Colorspace in Aperture 3 Workflow

Colorspace Colorspace Colorspace where fore art though Colorspace? Bottom Line Up Front If you are using Aperture 3 and shooting RAW then you are already covered, don’t do a thing. Sort and edit and process your little heart out without worrying about color space during these processes.  Your export choice will be where the decision is made. Set your […]

Lightroom 4 vs. Aperture 3 for Video; Pros and Cons

Bottom Line Up Front If your workflow includes a video editing program (Avid, Premiere Pro or FCP) then shifting from Aperture 3 to Lightroom 4 for what LR can do with video gives NO benefit. If you have a Retina Display then for the time being I think it’s actually worse as a video management […]

5 Tips for Matting Photography

So you’ve been shooting for awhile and would love to see your stuff on the wall. Maybe you’ve been selling your work digitally because you don’t know where to get started with making prints. The right color space-Switch to sRGB There are a lot of places to learn all about the benefits of various color […]

Free Aperture 3 Presets

Free Aperture 3 Presets

A good blog post listing lots of useful links for Aperture 3 presets.

3 Reasons to Leave White Balance out of Auto for Photography

Set White Balance out of auto and leave it there, here’s why… You’ll get more color accuracy, better consistency and it saves you time. There is only one reasons I can imagine to ever have White Balance in Auto. You are only taking one exposure in certain light source and don’t have a white balance card. My […]

Go to MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro with Retina Display is my go to computer We have eight ways to access internet to performa variety of day to day functions in our home. Three of which can do it completely independent from our home’s ISP. This sounds like a lot because it is. It’s actually shocking to think about it. […]

Essence of tech and media…

Tech is for tech’s sake and creating media is for media’s sake. The beautiful thing is when your tech epiphany gives creative side a injection of something new. Here’s an example: I’m a budding professional photographer with a lot of know how trying to push my art. I know my subject (light) and my tools […]